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Access to Muntele Mic is from DJ 608A, through the city of Caransebeș, on the exit towards Muntele Mic, from the ring road. The access road is cleared of snow in winter, and parking is available.

Normally, in a civilized resort, parking and transportation from the resort to additional parking lots (P1-P2) and vice versa should be free services, provided or reimbursed by the municipality. It would also be natural for each tourist to pay a resort fee that covers access, transportation, and maintenance costs.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in Turnu Ruieni, and it will be a long time until it reaches normalcy.

If until last year we provided free transportation only for customers coming to weSki, this year we have decided to extend this free service to all those who want to reach Muntele Mic – even in the situation when the upper parking is full, and cars are parked in the other additional parking lots provided by weSki.

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