The view you’ll never forget!

SkyLounge is located at the confluence of the slopes. It’s the place where skiers and snowboarders meet in the morning for coffee and throughout the day during breaks between riding sessions.

Here, you can enjoy your favorite drinks, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic. We have a wide range of beverages that are impossible to resist. You can enjoy them both outside and inside. The choice is yours!


Already sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Snowlicious is a food truck mounted on a slope grooming machine and is manufactured in limited series, with currently around 20 units worldwide. The concept follows the philosophy of modern services: quality, fast, and simple.

From our prepared menu, we remind you of the famous burger, goulash, falafel, and other quick and hearty treats.

You can find the food truck every winter at the base of the Vâlsanu slope, and it is open only on weekends, from Friday to Sunday.